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B Local NYC

Our mission is to foster an inclusive community and build a game-changing economy in New York City. Our first-year focus is to develop connections within the existing community through intentional networking, strategic collaboration, and resource-sharing. The newly formed B Local NYC board invites you to join us as we strengthen the B Corp community in NYC together.



Marissa Davis


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Marissa Davis is Founder & Principal of Tallawah Consulting, a social impact consultancy that helps mission-driven brands maximize their impact by using equity, innovation, and inclusion to drive their core strategy forward. With a focus on underrepresented communities, she has spearheaded and advised on initiatives with a range of organizations on areas including impact strategy, program evaluation, and inclusive product and program design. Some of these organization include, WeWork, the University of San Diego, UNHCR, and Redesign Health to name a few.

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Rai-mon Nemar Barnes


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“How do we do better?” Rai-mon Nemar Barnes was born with this question in his ear. Following the example of his parents, grandparents, and mentors as activists, innovators, and community leaders, Rai-mon has been constantly compelled to build businesses that lead with that question and support the growth of independent businesses for good.

Working with influential brands like G.M., Red Bull, Etsy, AirBnB, Vitamin Water, Vans, and Compass has given him a diverse lens through which to help his clients, and guided his founding of Consciously™.


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Rachele Haber-Thomson

Finance Chair

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Rachele is the cofounder of Blue Dot, the only promotional products company 100% dedicated to sustainability and a Pending B Corp. Rachele also is a business strategy and fundraising consultant, working with early stage companies who have a passion for making a positive impact in the world. Previously, she was the Director of Operations and Finance for Investors’ Circle, where she helped hundreds of social entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars from impact investors. Rachele also has big company experience at both Yahoo and AOL, and has internationally in the UK, Europe, Kenya, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Colombia. 

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Sasha Read

 Partnerships Chair

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Sasha is an Associate Manager on the Brand Purpose team at Danone North America, which is the second largest B Corporation in the world. Sasha got her Master's in Environmental Policy from the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po, and has loved working at the intersection of the food and sustainability spaces ever since. She started out working in startups, working to launch the first energy ball on the French market with Parisian startup Funky Veggie, and bringing farm-to-office lunches to New York City with B Corp Ox Verte, and is now proud to help Danone create change at scale across a portfolio of household food brands like Horizon Organic, Silk, So Delicious, and Happy Family, to name just a few.


Walker Stole

Partnerships Chair

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Walker leads Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility for Bombas, a comfort focused apparel company with a mission to help those in need. In his first week on the job he convinced the CEO that Bombas should pursue B Corp certification and that he could get it done. Since leading Bombas' initial certification he has helped guide many others in their journey towards earning B Corp status. Hailing from the mountains of Montana but at home here in NYC, he truly believes we are stewards of a world borrowed from future generations, and we have a collective responsibility to leave it better than we found it.


Esther Pang

Communications Chair

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Esther Pang is the Director of Operations at March On Foundation, which focuses on increasing civic engagement and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities. She is also the Impact Manager at Ecodeo, a B Corp that specializes in sustainability storytelling. Currently she is the Board Chair for Hollaback!, a global, people-powered movement to end harassment. She has a keen interest in social entrepreneurship, and specializes in developing impact and sustainability strategies for small businesses and organizations.


Cassandre Tissot 

Events Chair

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Cassandre Tissot is the Marketing and Sustainability Manager for the North American branch of Davines, a Certified B Corp since 2016 and Benefit Corporation since 2019. Cassandre has been one of the change makers leading social and environmental efforts and B Corp programs within the company. She has also completed the Sustainable Business Strategy certificate at Harvard Business School online to further explore how purpose driven businesses are in the best position to tackle the world’s largest problems. Cassandre considers herself a global citizen, having grown up across France (where she is from), Argentina and the US. She has been based in New York City for the last 10 years and is inspired to being part of the B Corp movement with B Local NYC.

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